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© Divinity (Mon Sun) Chan Woman in Vines - "Beauty in Eternal Sleep"
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© Divinity (Mon Sun) Chan Woman in Vines – “Beauty in Eternal Sleep”

“Beauty of Eternal Sleep” from Woman and Vines series,
Acrylic on canvas, 20×24 inches.
©2005 Divinity (Mon Sun) Chan


This red haired beauty is faceless to signify that her spirit has left, yet life still loves and cares for her physical essence.


Swirls of red hair, three bloomed flowers and lush green leaves and vines grow abundantly to embrace her and transform her beauty as she leaves one world for another.


The artist Divinity Chan, paints death as an image of peaceful beauty and portrayed in what the artist would call the eternal sleep.


To capture this peaceful beauty contact Divinity Chan or click the Buy Print Button underneath the image.


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