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I love supporting local art and crafts shows. It’s a great opportunity to see what new but also be inspired by Canadian artisans, designers and crafters. And who doesn’t like to buy cool stuff too? the Make It Handmade Revolution show ( exhibits a wide range of art ranging anywhere from jewellery, home decor, clothing to edible food. This show is very eclectic and I love the variety the show offers. The artisans, designers and crafters are very friendly and love talking to visitors to their booth. I have not see the music performances but i am sure they are really good judging by the quality of the show.


If you love discounts on show admission be sure to visit their website and sign up for their newsletter. Generally the admission includes the pass for the whole weekend so if there is something you want to see again this is a great chance to take advantage of it. You can also sign up on websites that offer online deals such as Groupon where I found even greater discounts on show admissions.


Here are a few vendors I hit during my visit to the Make it Handmade Revolution:


Sarah Mulder –
Vancouver artist Sarah Mulder has been working in acrylics and mixed media work, since 2005 after graduating with a BFA from Emily Carr University. Her sewn series of work began in 2004 after experimenting with recycled fabrics to build up layers of imagined cityscapes, mimicking the construction and gentrification of urban landscapes.





Jon Shaw –
My work explores the processes of deconstruction and assemblage, informed by my experience as a graphic designer. Using a series of expressive and uninhibited paint, collage and texture applications, I creates a loose and abstract structure upon which to assemble detailed ink drawings. I selectively interprets and reworks different layers until they are harmoniously integrated.





Fiona Louie –
Filou Designs features handcrafted solid sterling silver and mixed media jewelry created by Fiona Louie, who uses her travels and imagination as her muse.  Fiona has been highly influenced by her time living in Japan, where she studied traditional Japanese arts such as tea ceremony and kimono.  Fiona is also inspired by her travels through Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Oceania, French Polynesia, South & Central America, Caribbean, Europe, Africa and the Galapagos Islands.





Kathleen Tennant –
Getting messy while creating her one of a kind journals and sketchbooks is what mixed media artist Kathleen Tennant loves to do. Taking her eyes off the smaller surface of her book covers to create beautiful wall art full of life and texture is another one of Kathleen’s passions. While mixing paint, paper, inks and imagination Kathleen believes art is a form of therapy that can heal and help others find happiness and hope. Kathleen’s art often contains an inspirational message conveyed through words or images she creates on the covers of her journals or canvases. Kathleen is constantly evolving and looking to better herself as an artist by challenging herself to create new and different art all the time.



Vivid Works –
All of Vivid Works creations are unique in their Design and are Handmade by Den in Little River, Comox on Vancouver Island. The techniques involved are mainly crocheting, felting and needle felting, predominantly using natural fibres. I always try to use materials which have been produced with eco-friendly dyes. All the items on these pages can be gently hand-washed with a mild detergent and reshaped whilst damp. Sculptural, Textural and an element of stylish fun are the starting blocks for these Designs. Other influences have been drawn from the styles of the 1920s – 1940s and an inate love of ‘doodling’.



Marlene Tam –
Custom hand printed wood & fabric wedding accessories





Natasha Paterson –
Whiteout Workshop was started in 2009 by Natasha Paterson and her love for t-shirts and impacting art. After graduating from Photographic Technology 6 years prior and not knowing what to do with the schooling, she went back to school taking Graphic Communication. Working in the publishing industry designing magazines and other publishing material for 5 years it was time to do something about this 9 – 5 job! Always dreaming of designing t-shirts it was time to just go for it. After designing a few shirts and having trouble finding amazing silk screeners you had to know she would just do it herself! After months and months of mistakes, trial and error things started to resemble some fun shirts from courses taken in silk screening a few years back. From there the story is still being written … that day going forward this little company has grown into what it is today. You can find her designs and apparel being sold at local market around Alberta and twice a year the company picks up and travels all over Canada.



Joanne Mogridge –
Cocoa West Chocolatier produces handcrafted truffles, gelato and hot chocolate using carefully selected organic ingredients. We serve the retail and wholesale market as well as corporate events and weddings. Our traditional European-style shophouse allows us to continually keep tight quality control and the production consistent, resulting in the highest quality chocolate without compromise.





Wendy Boys –
Cocolico is a specialty chocolate company offering hand-made, small-batch chocolates and fine dessert sauces. With delicately balanced flavors and contrasting textures, Cocolico’s unique creations entertain the palette and seduce the senses. Cocolico’s uncompromising quality standards and commitment to using only the finest ingredients can be tasted in every bite. Cocolico supports local farmers, businesses and suppliers and uses local and organic ingredients whenever possible.




La Chocolaterie –
Our colorful chocolates have been attracting attention since we opened “La Chocolaterie” in Richmond, BC, CANADA, in Dec. 2010. Our combination of high-quality ingredients, colorful presentation and smooth texture will surprise and delight you, and you can only find them here…we call it “Coconama” style chocolate…

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