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© Divinity (Mon Sun) Chan Sensual - "Ecstasy"
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© Divinity (Mon Sun) Chan Sensual – “Ecstasy”

“Ecstasy” from Sensual series,
Acrylic on canvas, 20X24 inches.
©2005 Divinity Mon Sun Chan

Dive into the fiery depths of rapture and into the world of ecstasy and bliss.


Experience the sensual pleasure and rapturous delight of the feminine. The artist, Divinity Chan paints this image to portray ecstasy as part of the “Sensual” art series. Slightly parted lips, closed eyes and wisps of hair moving in the flow of the dance. Feel the passion through the depths of colours expressed in layers of fiery reds, oranges and yellows.


To catch the energy of ecstasy to enhance your space, please contact Divinity Chan or click the Buy Print Button under the image. 


Looking for unique and special gifts? This art is also available on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, laptop sleeves and many more. Click Divinity Art gift store to see “Sensual Ecstasy” specialty items.


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