“There are as many forms of love as there are moments in time.” ― Jane Austen


What is love? Really?


Love can be found in the simple beauty that is many times overlooked by the closed heart. A reminder is needed just to open it just a little bit and see not only are we loved but also Love itself. It is found… in the air we breathe, the strong push in the winds, the soft water that caresses the skin, a baby’s breath, the scent of a lily and in everything and everyone around us. Open your heart just a little and see what life will unfold in front of your eyes.


In this journey, the same iconic heart gets to express different aspects of “What Love is…” The opening in the center is where more love is birthed and a keyhole at the bottom may it carry and loop with what others are wanting to follow as well.


To see the story behind each painting, place your mouse/curser over the image and select the box icon.


“The bold use of colour is incredibly refreshing. Within everything, the heart is felt through! Definitely honouring the divine through most of your paintings. You can feel the love and the heart strings pulled through one’s chest!” – E.T.


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