Chakra Goddesses Art by © Divinity Chan

Dazzling display of stunning beauty, vibrant colors and empowerment you’ve never seen before! Be mesmerized by the spiritual world of chakras through the eyes of Divinity Chan in this special art series called “Chakra Goddesses”.


If each chakra were a goddess how would she express herself?
What would she look like?
What would she say?


Divinity invites you on an adventure to experience their fascinating personality and see for yourself if each represents the spirit of each chakra power center.


Experience the magnificence and allure of each chakra which are the power centers of the body that when aligned they empower and enhance your energy and well being. Through the energy of each goddess, unlock the secrets of your instinctual and mental sides of you. Imagine the peace, balance and harmony these will bring into your home and office spaces.


Which one inspires and catches your attention?


To see the story behind each painting, place your mouse/curser over the image and select the box icon featured-more.



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