“I will say, it is pretty amazing… the paintings are incredible and such original style. They are SO vivid and powerful. I love the lines and colours.” – JW


“The bold use of colour is incredibly refreshing. Within everything, the heart is felt through! Definitely honouring the divine through most of your paintings. You can feel the love and the heart strings pulled through one’s chest!” – E.T.


“I am very pleasantly surprised, the colours and design made me want to really look and see. I wanted to see more.” – Veronique


“WOW! Sensual swirling colorful works that bring to mind a beautifully scented summer garden full of flowers and climbing vines. Dream like and mysterious. The work also brings to mind old decorative painting and vintage wallpaper, patterns as well as Italian frescoes and design. Joyful rich and uplifting….delicious and inviting. I wanted to see more.” – James M


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