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Divinity Chan Love is spiritual from Love is Series
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“Love is … Spiritual (Heart Chakra) from “What Love is” series,
Acrylic on canvas, 16×20 inches.
©2005 Divinity Mon Sun Chan


Love lives, breathes and radiates from our bodies permeating out to others and the world. Love is the essence of who we are.


The artist Divinity Chan paints the message of love as the green heart chakra, a spiritual symbol and energy center located on the human body at the centre of the chest where love energy lies. Here the  iconic heart motif which is a hallmark of the “Love is…” series is green signifying love, creation and health. The centre emits the vibrant energy of the heart chakra symbol as the dynamic swirls organically radiates love energy.


To capture this radiating and vibrant energy of love please contact Divinity Chan or click the Buy Print Button underneath the image.


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