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© Divinity (Mon Sun) Chan "Love is Always Birthing Anew"
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© Divinity (Mon Sun) Chan “Love is Always Birthing Anew”

“Love is Always Birthing Anew” from Love is series,
Acrylic on canvas, 20×24 inches.
©2005 Divinity (Mon Sun) Chan


Love grows, expands and never contracts to withhold itself. In this image, the artist Divinity Chan,  portrays Love as an ivy known to grow as a beautiful plant with lush leaves and vines. Love is growing outward from the iconic red heart motif that is used throughout the “Love is..” Series.


In the centre of the passion red heart,  more leaves  are birthing to represents the growth of new love. Both of the colours  red (known for passion and heat) and green (known for growth and Life) make the perfect combination as each both are known as colours of love.


To experience the special energy of love and growth of this artwork in your daily life please contact Divinity Chan or click the Buy Print Button underneath the image.

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