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Ajna 3rd Eye Chakra Goddess © Divinity Chan
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Ajna 3rd Eye Chakra Goddess © Divinity Chan

Ajna Third Eye Chakra Goddess

Arylic on Canvas, 18″x36″
Painted sides for attractive hanging. No frames need
©Divinity MS Chan
Original painting $1500


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I Know


Ajna, the Third Eye Chakra Goddess is about insight, self-reflection, visualization, discernment and trust of your intuition. Powerful insight, intuition and inner wisdom can guide you on the next steps to live a more rich and fulfilling life. As they say the answers are within if you are willing to listen. Visualize new ideas and desired outcomes of events, situations, dreams, and/or projects into reality by focusing on what it would look like, taste like and sound like. Use these eye opening insights to help solidify what you want to attract and manifest in your life. 


Call upon Ajna when you are feeling stuck and need guidance especially when you have been looking outside yourself for answers. Sometimes these answers from others can cause confusion disconnecting you from your inner wisdom. Be open to what occurs. If you are easily influenced by outside media, news and others, Ajna may guide you to take the time to disconnect from them so you can reconnect with yourself. Be open to new thoughts of inspired actions to help bring your vision into reality with positive and peaceful outcomes. If you over fantasize ask for her guidance.


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