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I love seeing my latest art series ‘Chakra Goddesses’ be mesmerized and adored by many. Viewers have been intrigued by the originality of the concept of ‘if chakras were a goddesses how would they express themselves’. The stories and the creative journey behind each of them make them very distinctive and unique. There’s nothing quite like it to date.


Seryna Myers, the beautiful spirit behind and I have met at an evening tea party she was catering to. As we explored and tasted a variety of teas and delectable treats we got into amazing and funny conversations about life, spirituality, love and anything in-between. When you get a group of passionate and energetic women together over tea who knows what kind of conversations can arise. We have connected instantly like soul sisters and I have been grateful for our friendship since then.


It is an honor to have my Chakra Goddesses featured on her blog as this ties in perfectly with her spa products offering to balance the power centers of our bodies. She has been following my art in progress pictures on Instagram and fell in love with the power of the work. This series resonated with her and many others who have been captivated by them and you can see why.


Plus, these powerful beauties will be showcased at her upcoming women’s retreat ‘The Goddess Experience’ – a weekend of nourishment and rejuvenation. A time to let down our hair and just relax and luxuriate. It will be showcased in the main hall and expect the strength of each chakra goddess to empower and support the energy of the divine feminine.


Click here to read her article about Chakras and fall in love with the power centers of your body.


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