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Not often does one find an interview these days where the interviewer takes the time to read all about the artist, explore their portfolio of one life’s works and asks amazing and thought provoking questions. Recently I was interviewed for by Mia Corrino from, a terrific art site that features many artists. I was really impresses by Mia who has done a whole lot of research that I was particularly pleased with the questions she asked me. Sadly the website is no longer available but luckily… you can read the interview in its’ entirety below. Enjoy!

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Interview 23 – Abstractions


© Divinity (Mon Sun) Chan Art & Illustration
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Name: Divinity MonSun Chan

Birthplace: Hong Kong

Style: Contemporary

Medium: Acrylic on canvas


Online store:

Recent art-shows:

O5 Tea Bar – November 2014 – Chakra Goddesses

Pink and Black Art Auction – The Vancouver Club – March 2015



Question 1: Divinity, I noticed that your portfolio includes series where the woman, the feminine, is the focal point. I want you to develop this a little bit. What aspects of women’s experience enter into your works most?


– Great question! What I live is what I paint. Transforming emotions into art. ‘Sensual’ and ‘Woman and Vines’ series was about the exploration and expression of the emotions I was experiencing. Then using combination of simple graphic images and bold colors to depict them. Growing up with my father and brothers there were very little opportunities to explore and express my femininity. This was the perfect way to delve into this area. Reflecting on these current paintings and an upcoming feminine goddesses series (coming out shortly), the main aspect that comes up for me is about the various ‘powerful expressions’ of who she is. Growing up in the masculine and utilitarian environment I allowed myself to explore the feminine flow, beauty, softness, sensuality, sexuality, feminine surrender and fullness that has been wanting to come out and in doing so learned to embrace the various aspects of her power.



Question 2: Your paintings do not deal with heavy themes. The light and positive energy shines through, that is evident. Have you ever painted negative “emotions” to come to terms with them?


– The heart is my theme, a lifeline to my emotions. The paintings currently showcased on my website were inspired by negative emotions and painted in the light of beauty. For example, the ‘Woman and Vines’ series were inspired from a meditation retreat where I had the opportunity to ponder on a question: “What is Life?” Death, an area I never thought nor have any desire to explore came up a few times in which later realized the beauty in death. Not as in dark and stark, but in the seeing the celebration of a journey lived and the letting go. Shortly after this realization, I chatted with a friend about this insight which reminded him of a movie scene where the heroine was buried alive. Only when she made the decision to be unstoppable was she able to fight her way back. The insight from the retreat and the emotions behind the movie was the inspiration for the painting of ‘Beauty in Eternal Sleep’ which later lead onto the next painting called ‘Butterflies’. My art has affected my collectors on a deep level on deep subjects such as death.




Question 3: Talk about Yearning more. It stood out for me, the flowery hair, the red lips, the black background… What was the inspiration behind it and how does it appeal to you in its finished form?


Love this question as it ties in perfectly with the idea of awakening the colors of the soul. ‘Yearning’ one of my sought after print, explores the concept and feeling of desiring and wanting. This feeling was introduced to me as result of a personal journey of the feminine expression. Yearning was a whole different world to me so I wanted to do a painting to express this through the theme of love – longing for love, to love and be loved as part of the ‘Sensual’ series. A reminder of love lost and desire for the kind of love to return. At the same time this painting was also about coming to terms with my unexpressed feelings around jealousy and envy that had occurred along with my feelings of yearning. Green with envy as one would say hence the green hair. The black background provides the base, a void to ensure the attention is focused on the other graphic elements such as the orange gerbera being slightly hidden by strands of green hair. I hope the symbolism in the art reaches out to others who can relate to these emotional struggles.



Trivia questions:


Question 4: What do you do on gloomy days?


I smile at this question because I live in Vancouver, B.C. where there are plenty of gloomy days or what I like to call ‘liquid sunshine’. For these days or even on sunny days where I am feeling gloomy, the focus is on self-care and nourishment. It may be two hour naps, enjoying yummy foods like dark chocolate and whiskey, physical movement such as dance (for self expression and releasing emotions) and yoga or simply allow my cares to wash away for an hour by lying on the beach sands listening to the waves of the water. And if all fails, I love to escape in front of a movie (comedy, romance or fantasy), be entertained by a performance dance show, talk to strangers or go through my saved emails from friends and colleagues who have written compliments, acknowledgements and reminders of the wonderful being I am so that I can fly again.



Question 5: Do you have a favorite painter?

Yes, in fact I have a few to name:

Canadian painter Autumn Skye Morrison for her spiritual and visionary paintings

Spanish illustrator Gabriel Moreno for his whimsical illustrations

Brazilian Patricia Ariel for her figurative esoteric & symbolist art

Colombian painter Eva Ruiz for her vibrant, free flowing images


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